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This is because of the good historical back ground of the word ‘NTUMBA’, which it’s origin is based on African traditionally experience of what the country Tanzania is made of Mostly the good natural attraction.

NTUMBA in Swahili tribe is called KIBUYU in English means CALABASH, in sukuma its NTUMBA”

Ntumba is a Sukuma word, Sukuma being one of the 120 tribes in Tanzania! And undoubtedly having the proudest tribesmen ever. Ntumba refers to the African calabash, crafted with strong and durable material emulating our strong values and drive to take you to the best parts of the country. Ntumba has beautiful artistic decoration displaying the beauty and culture that you’ll enjoy once you are here with us. Ntumba is also has genuine and indestructible beautiful surface, hard but very smooth signifying the honesty and class we possess, that we will do everything in our power to make sure your time here is as memorable as ever.

Join us we embark on your long overdue real adventure through our beautiful peace of paradise, Tanzania. Travel with a peace of Mind and Let us Expand your horizons.

Don’t worry about where you will stay throughout your vacation. We offer you a range of choices and options to make you feel comfortable.

We ensure our clients are taken care of, with an amazing Team of local Safari guide who have the expertise and experience in tourism

We provide coverage for trip delays or any inconveniences during your vacation with Ntumba Tour and Safaris.

Why we decided to call it ‘Ntumba tours and Safaris’


can open your mind

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Karibu Tanzania!

Africa’s finest destination.

From the summit of Africa in Kilimanjaro, down the depths of the grand once volcanic Ngorongoro crater, through the luscious infinity wild Serengeti plains down a relaxing walk way on the sparkling white zanzibari sand, there has never been a more iconic destination. karibu Tanzania! Africa’s finest tourist destination

Get inspired and cocooned into the rich Natural phenomenon and explosive yet exciting East African culture. Take a trip in the wild, dance with the fire flies, eat with hippos and pose with a lioness as you enjoy the ultimate African holiday

Get a look into our expertly crafted, tried and tested list of sample itineraries used to jubilation by many of our guests. The day to day break down gives you a glimpse into your African vacation however we will tweak, change and craft a custom itinerary based on your interests and budget to give you unique experience, maximum relaxation and everlasting memories.

Beach Holiday

We ensure your safety while travelling with Us

Zanzibar Island Safaris

The royal islands of Zanzibar are a very unique world heritage destination the latter being certified by UNESCO. With magnificent shoreline lined with beautiful crystal white sandy beaches, guarding deep blue Indian Ocean, Where dolphin, sharks and other schools of beautiful fish call home. The unique thing about Zanzibar is that it has always been an important city throughout time, it used to be a center for spice trade and later slave trade. Giving it a very interesting history and beautiful unique architecture.

 Enjoy the history of Zanzibar in its buildings food, clothes and culture. Take trips on water and under water, laugh while dancing and enjoying the warm fuzzy sand, And all this while on a very luxurious beach resort with your room overlooking the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean. That is a royal holiday for you    

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking

7 Days

Marangu Route

7 Days

Machame Route

8 Days

Lemosho Route

7 Days

Rongai Route

All Routes to Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro 

Other Mountain in Tanzania

Have a chance to enjoy a mesmerizing bird’s eye view of one of the world’s iconic National park when you take an air balloon over Serengeti at day break. Watch the wild unfold in spectacular fashion 3500 feet above ground.

In the fringes of the wild, Enjoy an exhilarating masai dance in their beautifully decorated bomas and hunt alongside the world’s last hunters and gatherers in Hadzabe, a glimpse of the rich cultural scene in Tanzania.

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